The City of Kingman Economic Development Department has gathered resources to support businesses and employees as they help combat the spread of COVID-19. This site will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.

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Economic Development Commission

Scheduled Meetings Every Other Month on the Fourth Tuesday at Noon in the City Council Chambers

The Economic Development Advisory Commission was established to make recommendations and assist the Kingman Common Council in economic development, marketing strategies and policies for the City of Kingman.


The Economic Development and Marketing Commission shall advise and recommend policy to Council concerning:

(a) Develop and maintain programs to help in the maintenance and expansion of existing business, industrial and commercial enterprises.

(b) Promote economic development and to establish a framework to be utilized in coordinating local, State and Federal efforts to attract and encourage sound economic growth in the city.

(c) To encourage the establishment of a civic and economic climate that will encourage the expansion of existing business and attract new businesses within the city limits.

(d) The creation and maintenance of informational resources to assist in the promotion of economic development and marketing strategies for the City, existing businesses, and potential businesses.

Board Members:

  • Gene Kirkham (Chairman) 
  • Jim Hinckley
  • Steve Lesueur
  • Mary Mendola
  • Debra Sixta
  • Naqui_c'Wa'ya
  • Reni Fawson

Council Liaison:  Deana Nelson