The City of Kingman Economic Development Department has gathered resources to support businesses and employees as they help combat the spread of COVID-19. This site will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.


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Planning / Zonning / Building Permits

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Contact the Planning Division to verify the property you are interested in is properly zoned and that you will be allowed to operate your business there. Planning can help you verify if you will be required to make any on-site improvements to bring the property up to current code prior to occupying the building, help verify parking requirements and discuss signage options for your business. 

Planning Division 
(928) 753-8130 

Important Questions for the Planning Division 

  • What is the Zoning on the property? 

  • Is my use permitted in the Zoning District? 

  • Is the property vacant? 

  • If vacant, is there an approved site plan on file that must be followed for development? 

  • What planning related procedures must be completed for my business to be located at this site? 

  • Is the site I'm considering non-conforming to current site development codes? 

  • Will my business at the existing location invoke current site development codes due to a change in use of the property or change in occupancy? 

  • If so, what will the requirements be and what is the process I must follow? 

  • I'm planning to some building and facade renovation, are site plan modifications and design review needed? 

  • I want to create a separate tract on the property for my business, what are the requirements to divide the property and create a new lot? 

  • Am I doing any work that would require a permit? 



Contact the Development Services Department to obtain information on how to start and complete construction projects. The Building life and safety Division can provide cost-saving tips on how to expand or modify your building. 

Building Life & Safety Division  
(928) 753-2891 

Important Questions for the Building Safety Division 

  • What is my occupancy classification? 

  • What was the previous business operation at this site and what occupancy classification was held by that business? 

  • Does my business change the use or occupancy classification? 

  • Do I need construction plans and if so, do they need to be prepared by an Arizona registrant? 

  • Do I need any clearances from the county or state to obtain a city permit? 

  • Do I need to use a licensed contractor for the work being proposed? 

  • Does this site have any special utility, street or engineering fees that must be paid upon development? 

  • What are permit fees and how can I obtain a City of Kingman Building & Life Safety Division fee schedule? 

  • What do I need to do if I plan to store and/or use hazardous materials? 

  • What do I need to do if I plan to utilize high-piled storage (i.e. over 12 feet)?