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Kingman takes education seriously. Our school district educates 6500 students with an average class size of 25. There are also private schools, charter schools, technical training schools and home school groups.   

Kingman Unified School District

“Kingman Unified School District is dedicated to giving our students the best education possible with an emphasis to excellent student academic growth. We believe in preparing our students for prekindergarten through twelfth grade success, whether it is being college ready, technical school ready, and / or career ready. KUSD believes in educating the whole child emphasizing the “Four As” – Academics, the Arts, Athletics, and Activities.” Roger Jacks Superintendent 

Kingman Academy of Learning

Kingman Academy of Learning was started in 1995 by Mrs. Betty Rowe and Mrs. Brownell Hamlyn. It was one of the first 12 charter schools in the State of Arizona. 

KAOL began as a very small school located in old buildings belonging to the local high school district, and has grown into a four campus organization that educates over 1500 students each year in grades preschool through 12th grade 

Western Arizona Vocational Education Joint Technical District 

We are a Joint Technical Education District with six partner high schools across two counties. In November of 2008 the voters of LaPaz and Mohave County voted to form a JTED, and we became an official district on July 1, 2009. JTED provides high quality vocational and technical education that is needed in the public school system to keep students in school and be better prepared for the workforce. 

Arizona Virtual Academy

Arizona Virtual Academy is an AdvancED accredited school that brings learning alive for students with a personalized program of engaging courses, caring teachers, and a vibrant school community. 

  • Individualized Learning Plans target each student's strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Arizona-certified teachers guide progress and tailor teaching to student needs. 

  • Rigorous, highly interactive curriculum enriches and inspires. 

  • Social events, extracurricular activities, and clubs bring students together. 

  • Blended learning centers provide in-person support for students in some locales. 

Emmanuel Christian Academy of Kingman

Emmanuel Christian Academy’s (ECA) mission is to serve God, change lives, and challenge minds through Christian Education.  They provide a superior academic education.  ECA is an independent, non-denominational Christian school that has one campus in Kingman, Arizona located at the base of the foothills of the Hualapai Mountain. ECA is not affiliate with any church but partners with First Southern Baptist to utilize their facilities. 

Hualapai Hills Home Schoolers

HHHS is a Christian-based, non-denominational (open to all faiths), support group of home education parents desiring to draw creative ideas from each other to stimulate greater learning in their children.