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Live and Play

Kingman represents a growing town, with friendly people and community-oriented activities that bring us together as neighbors and friends. 

Our unique culture and traditions are rooted in cattle ranching, railroading, and mining—along with the allure of the open road on famous Route 66, which runs through town. 

Importantly, Kingman is a place where you can get involved and make a difference. Our strongest asset is the community spirit of our residents. Many local individuals, clubs, churches, and other community groups have deep commitment to making our town a place to learn, grow, and thrive. Their energy and dedication are powerful factors for enhancing health and quality-of-life in our community. 

Also, just living in Kingman enhances well-being. Our tranquil community is relatively stress-free.  The weather is usually warm and sunny. Traffic is minimal, and average commute times are less than fifteen minutes. 

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Parks & Recreation 

Our area boasts many beautiful parks that offer a wide variety of family activities, including: 

  • Skateboarding 

  • Frisbee golf 

  • BMX track 

  • Swimming 

  • Tennis 

  • Pickle Ball 

  • Baseball/Softball 

  • Soccer 

  • Jogging 

  • Dog Park 

  • ATV Trails 


Within minutes of Kingman, you can hike, bike, picnic, or camp within the 2300-acre Hualapai Mountain Park. With elevations ranging from 4984 to 8417 feet, the beautiful park is a cool respite in the summer and a place to visit snow –covered landscape in the winter. 

Our Popular local hiking spots include: 

  • Hualapai Mountains 

  • Camp Beale Loop 

  • Monolith Garden Trail 

Water Recreation

Kingman residents and tourists have easy access to boating, water skiing, fishing, swimming, and just relaxing on the many waterways in our area, including: 

  • Lake Mohave: 30 minutes 

  • Colorado River: 45 minutes 

  • Lake Mead 1 hour 

  • Lake Havasu 1 hour 

Gateway to the Southwest Wonders 

Within hours, you can drive from Kingman to many world- renowned travel destinations.  The Grand Canyon is only a 173 mile trip from Kingman.  

  • Lake Havasu London Bridge: 1hr, 3min 

  • Hoover Dam: 1hr, 14min 

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk: 1hr, 15min 

  • Las Vegas: 1hr, 41 min 

  • Havasupai trailhead: 2 hrs 

  • Valley of Fire 2 hrs 20 min 

  • Grand Canyon National Park 2hrs 45min 

  • Meteor Crater: 2 hrs 47 min 

  • Sedona: 2 hrs 52 min 

  • Phoenix /Scottsdale 3 hrs 

  • Petrified Forest: 3 hrs, 43 min 

  • Zion National Park: 4 hrs, 11 min 

  • Brian Head Ski Resort: 4 hrs, 37 min 

  • Monument Valley: 4 hrs 55 min 

  • Universal Studios 4hrs 57min 

  • California beaches 5 hrs 

  • Bryce Canyon 5 hrs 28 min 

  • Sea World 5 hrs, 41 min 

  • Puerto Penasco, Mexico 5hrs  53 min