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TUCSON, Ariz. — A proposed highway that would start at the border with Mexico and serve as the southern leg of Arizona's Interstate 11 is being called both an economic benefit and an environmental threat.

Federal, state and local agencies have reservations about the environmental impact for mostly undisturbed sections of the Sonoran Desert, The Arizona Daily Star reported Friday.

The 280-mile (about 451 kilometers) highway now in preliminary planning stages would extend from Nogales on the U.S.-Mexico border to Wickenburg, northwest of metro Phoenix.

Other Arizona sections of I-11 are in planning stages and would connect with a small section already built in southern Nevada. As envisioned, the completed I-11 would extend from Nogales to Reno, Nevada, and incorporate portions of several existing highways.

A draft environmental impact study by the Arizona Department of Transportation includes comments compiled by the agency over the past few years.

Economic reasons Tucson-area leaders back a new route include increasing trade with Mexico and reducing congestion on Interstates 10 and 19.

Critics have said the new interstate is unnecessary and are pushing for a no-build option.

A more detailed environmental study would narrow the highway corridor and help transportation officials identify which homes and businesses would be affected, said spokeswoman Laura Douglas.

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild wants the department to address the city council, which supports the I-11 proposal ideologically, although the route raises concerns.

"It looks like the proposed route goes right through our water system in Avra Valley; that is a problem," Rothschild said.

The freeway would do serious damage to the community, said Avra Valley Coalition member Albert Lannon. Widening portions of I-10 and constructing a two-tiered highway are options rather than a separate highway, he said.

Wildlife and environmental concerns dominate the Phase 1 environmental impact study that includes correspondence between stakeholder groups and public meeting comments.

The route would pass the Saguaro National Park's western boundary and encroach on animals there, National Park Service officials reported. Traffic noise and congestion are also concerns.

"Nearly a million people come in specifically to see Saguaro National Park and some of the other attractions in the area," said park spokesman Andy Fisher. "So we would definitely want to preserve that character if we can."

A new highway west of I-10 would further fragment wildlife movement, the Arizona Game and Fish Department said.

Increased trade is a primary reason southern Arizona jurisdictions support I-11, said John Moffatt, Pima County Economic Development Office director.

Commercial traffic through Nogales is growing on average by 3% per year and the area can handle 4,000 trucks a day, although southern Arizona freeways are reaching capacity and truckers in Mexico may choose Texas border crossings if delays in Nogales increase, Moffatt said.

"Truckers are like water, they find the least-resistant path," Moffatt said.

Information from: Arizona Daily Star, http://www.tucson.com

  • Kingman Airline Services
    Kingman Airline Services

    “Kingman Airline Services, Inc. has been a resident of the Kingman Airport & Industrial Park,. since 1997. From our Kingman, AZ location we provide Maintenance, Storage and Spare Parts support for our aviation customers throughout the US and Asia. The combination of a qualified workforce, strategic support from the local economic development departments and the infrastructure improvements that have been made has allowed us to meet our customer demands on a timely basis with cost effective solutions." - Kevin T. Dolan President

  • elysium tire
    Engineering and Equipment Company

    “Engineering and Equipment Company (EECO) is a unique, Arizona-born company that specializes in the manufacturing of Tire Recycling equipment. Ever wonder what happens to your car tires once they leave your car? That’s where we come in. With a full line of equipment to handle all stages of tire recycling, nearly 30 years of experience and a true passion for what we do; we are proud to call Kingman Arizona home since 2012. Kingman is a network of support and growth from the workforce, to the Chamber of Commerce, to the City Officials, to our neighbors at the Industrial Park. Kingman provides us the perfect opportunity to effectively serve our customers throughout the world." – Alex and Tom Dom Owners

  • Rob Franklin
    Henry Company

    Henry Co has been operating in Kingman AZ since 1999. In the last 20 years Henry Co has expanded western Operations consolidating 4 other western plants into the Kingman footprint. . The Kingman facility reports Records in employee Safety, Sales and World Class quality metrics. Out of 13 sites throughout North America Henry Co Kingman is the 2nd largest volume of all and the largest of the “pail” plants.” Rob Franklin Director, Operations

  • Dillon
    Dillon Equipment

    “Dillon Transportation has had a long standing presence in Kingman, AZ as a Full Truckload Dry Van provider, for one of our largest customers. Dillon’s corporate terminal is in Ashland City, TN and for a number of years we relied on drop yards out west. We haul a lot of product in and out of California and with Kingman being in close proximity, it made financial sense to build a location in Kingman. So, in 2013 Dillon Transportation opened our brick and mortar terminal in the Kingman Industrial Park. Since then, our business has continued to grow and we look forward to expanding in the near future.”

  • Shelves
    Shelves West, American Plastics

    "Shelves West is part of American Plastics who operates Injection molding companies across the country. The growing city of Kingman was chosen to facilitate our growing company needs as we have expanded our market to include all 50 states as well as the US territories. We take great pride in calling Kingman our home and look forward to many great years in this wonderful community." Clarence Higgins Plant Manager Shelves West Kingman Arizona.