Business Support

Arizona offers many incentives and programs to encourage business investment in the state. The items below contain some of the most popular; for a complete list of programs that include sales tax exemptions, depreciation programs and more, visit the Arizona Commerce Authority website.

State Programs

Quality Jobs


Quality Jobs is a tax credit to encourage continuous employment through up to $9,000 of Arizona income or premium tax credits spread over three years for each net new quality job.

Qualified Facility


The Arizona legislature established the Qualified Facility tax credit to encourage business investment to produce high-quality employment opportunities and enhance Arizona’s position as a center for corporate headquarters, commercial research, and manufacturing. The Arizona Commerce Authority may authorize up to $125 million per calendar year in tax credits to qualified companies through December 2030.

Computer Data Center (CDC) Program


The CDC Program encourages computer data center operation and expansion in Arizona through Transaction Privilege Tax and Use Tax exemptions for up to ten calendar years.

Angel Investment


The Angel Investment program expands early-stage investments in targeted Arizona small businesses through tax credits to investors. Additionally, state capital gains taxed associated with those investments are eliminated.

Research & Development


The Research & Development program allows for an Arizona income tax credit to businesses investing in R&D activities in the state.

Local Programs

Facade Improvement Program


The Facade Improvement Program is a Small Business Recovery Program established by the City of Kingman Economic Development Department to encourage the beautification of Kingman’s commercial buildings. Application forms may be submitted at any time for review monthly, with funds awarded until they are expended. Please contact Sylvia Shaffer, Economic Development Manager, at (928) 753-8131 if you have any questions.

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Funds for fiscal year 2022 have been expended for the Façade Improvement Program. New applications will be not be accepted until after July 1 2023.

Infill Incentives District


On September 3, 2019, the City of Kingman City Council approved an Infill Incentive District under Resolution No. 5239 to encourage commercial development in Kingman’s targeted areas, per Arizona Revised Statutes §9-499.10. Locations include portions of downtown Kingman, W. Beale Street and E. Andy Devine Avenue. Building permit, plan review, report review, and inspection fees are waived for any commercial development proposed in this district until December 31, 2025.

Incentive District Information