Industrial Park Land for Sale or Lease

The fully developed Airport Industrial Park attracts manufacturers with reasonable land costs and the opportunity to build regional trade and service centers. This separate sector of the City of Kingman works closely with the Airport General Manager to ensure the airport and industrial park remain an integral and vital part of the local economy.

Parties interested in purchasing or leasing properties within the Kingman Airport & Industrial Park can download an application or apply online, follow the simple six-step process below or contact us directly. 

Airport Industrial Park

Step One

Prospective business makes application to City of Kingman to purchase land. This application will contain detailed information about the prospective business, its operation and whether the information is to be considered confidential. Along with the application, the prospective business will submit a check for $3,500 to the City of Kingman as a deposit to cover the cost of an evaluation, survey, appraisal, advertising, legal and other fees. Survey and appraisal will be prior to sending the recommendation to City Council.

The City staff will review the application to determine its suitability and needs for location within the Industrial Park. Many evaluations will require touring existing facilities in other locales and use of photographic/video documentation. The review may include information available through that location’s media, chamber of commerce, EPA, industry standards group, etc. All Businesses that may be subject to ADEQ or EPA permitting will require a public hearing be held in Kingman, conducted by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. All evaluations will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Type of Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Time frame for start of project
  • Identification of all chemicals required and any use of hazardous or toxic materials that may be used in the project
  • Identify any special permits that may be required prior to start of plant operations
  • Procedures for disposing of waste materials
  • Impact on municipal water and sewer
  • Prior public concerns in other locations
  • Conformance with applicable zoning ordinances
  • Previous violations from regulatory agencies
  • Data describing financial stability

If the prospective company has requested that the information be held confidential, the interview and discussion will be conducted in executive session although the general nature and operation of the business may be discussed in open session. If the business has not requested confidentiality, the matter will be discussed at all meetings.

If the prospective business requires an ADEQ or EPA permit to operate, the City Council may recommend approval of the land sale subject to an ADEQ local public hearing.

Step Two

Order the Property appraisal, (estimated 45 day turnaround.)  Order a Survey through City Survey Department.  Start working on the content of the Advertisement for Sale.

Step Three

Once the Appraisal come back and is acceptable, projects will be forwarded to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for review and approval. (Estimated 1-3 week turnaround) 

Step Four

Once approved by FAA Staff will set the advertisement for sale /action date.

Step Five

Upon completion of auction Staff will place project on the next available Council agenda for Council approval.

Step Six

If the Council is satisfied that the prospective business requesting purchase of property has met all requirements and will be an asset to the community, they will accept the bid for at least the appraised value of the property.  The Council may also accept the company’s bid contingent upon further review, receipt of additional information, etc.  Council also has the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

Upon acceptance of a bid, the Mayor will be authorized to execute a Quit Claim Deed for the property. City staff will have the deed recorded as soon as practical.  The City of Kingman does not issue title insurance.  If the purchaser desires this policy, it will be at buyer’s expense.