When it comes to broadband options in Kingman and the Kingman Industrial Park, you will have some of the best broadband Arizona has to choose from. With internet provider speeds offered of single line max speed availability of 1GHPS & 2.5GBPS.

High-speed broadband internet service has transitioned from a luxury good to an increasingly necessary utility. The economic case for rural broadband infrastructure is compelling and Kingman has it. Broadband access and adoption in rural areas is linked to increased job and population growth, higher rates of new business formation and home values, and lower unemployment rates. Unlike with many other types of infrastructure, the long-run benefits of broadband access could grow exponentially, given the potential for innovation and productivity gains it provides.

The City of Kingman is committed to growing our community’s internet connectivity and broadband reliability. The ability for our companies that are located in the Industrial Park and those that are locating to the park to have reliable broadband is our goal. Broadband companies, like the ones listed below, will offer some of the fastest broadband in Arizona.

Broadband Providers

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