Planning Zoning and Permits

Personnel with the City of Kingman Community Development can assist with questions concerning operating, expanding, and modifying businesses in Kingman. 

The Planning & Zoning Division verifies that intended business operations match zoning requirements. Frequent discussion points include the need for on-site improvements to bring a property up to the current code, verifying parking requirements and business signage options. Typical questions to be addressed when calling the Planning Division at (928) 753-8130 are:

  • What is the Zoning on the property? 
  • Is my use permitted in the Zoning District? 
  • Is the property vacant? 
  • Is there an approved site plan on file that must be followed for development if vacant? 
  • What planning procedures must be completed for my business to be located at this site? 
  • Is the site I'm considering non-conforming to current site development codes?
  • Will my business at the existing location invoke current site development codes due to a change in use of the property or change in occupancy? 
  • If so, what will the requirements be and what is the process I must follow? 
  • I'm planning some building and facade renovation. Are site plan modifications and design reviews needed? 
  • I want to create a separate tract on the property for my business. What are the requirements to divide the property and create a new lot? 
  • Am I doing any work that would require a permit? 

The Building & Life Safety Fire Inspection Division offers necessary information to undergo construction projects in Kingman. Typical questions to be addressed when calling (928) 753-2891 are:

  • What is my occupancy classification? 
  • What was the previous business operation at this site and what occupancy classification did it hold?
  • Does my business change the use or occupancy classification? 
  • Do I need construction plans and if so, do they need to be prepared by an Arizona registrant? 
  • Do I need clearances from the county or state to obtain a city permit?
  • Do I need to use a licensed contractor for the proposed work? 
  • Does this site have any particular utility, street or engineering fees to be paid upon development? 
  • What are permit fees and how can I obtain a City of Kingman Building & Life Safety Division fee schedule? 
  • What do I need to do if I plan to store and/or use hazardous materials? 
  • What do I need to do if I plan to utilize high-piled storage (i.e., over 12 feet)?