Meet Kingman’s Talented Workforce!

22 Dec 2022


Kingman has the skilled and experienced workforce to match your business’s needs! Kingman, AZ, is known for many things. One is ensuring that workers in the area and businesses find a great match! This is why the Kingman Economic Development department here in Kingman has made in-depth information on our labor force and local companies available online for free! 

Kingman’s Workforce Has the Skills Your Business Needs!

Kingman has over 34 million people within a day’s drive, giving local businesses plenty of employee options! In addition, Kingman’s large workforce includes individuals who are educated. Nearly 90% of our workforce have a high school diploma, and 30% have a bachelor’s degree or higher! The Kingman Economic Development department has compiled all demographic information on potential employees in the area for anyone to view! Click here to learn more about the talented workforce here in Kingman!