View Kingman’s Online Demographic Profile Today!

29 Dec 2022


Getting to know Kingman’s community and workforce is easy with our new online demographic profile of Kingman, AZ! The Kingman Economic Development department is dedicated to providing online resources, such as this demographic report, to help site selectors and local business owners find the right location and employees for their specified business needs. Kingman’s economic development website now has this profile available for any user to view, export, and study, for free!

Kingman Has the Talented Workforce for Your Business!

This interactive demographic report gives in-depth information on Kingman’s population, educational attainment, housing & income, labor force, local businesses, and more! This report further breaks down Kingman’s labor force into total establishments by the number of employees, establishment type, occupation, industry, and more. Click here to learn all about Kingman and why more businesses choose our city and workforce!