Opportunity Zone Locations Available in Kingman

12 Jan 2023


Opportunity zones in Kingman, AZ, are helping local businesses succeed! There are many advantages for businesses that choose to locate their business here. One of these advantages is being able to benefit from locating your business in a federally sanctioned opportunity zone. Businesses operating within federally mandated opportunity zones in Kingman benefit from amenities, location advantages, a variety of available properties, and more!

Find Your Business Opportunity in Kingman!

The Federal Government created opportunity Zones in 2017 to help stimulate local economies around the country through private investments. Opportunity zone investors are eligible for deferment, reduction, or elimination of capital gains taxes. Kingman has two opportunity zones available. This includes The Kingman Industrial Park, the #1 largest industrial park in Northern Arizona! Click here to learn more about the advantages of locating your business in the opportunity zones here in Kingman!