Location Advantages for Choosing Kingman!

19 Jan 2023


Businesses in Kingman, AZ, enjoy many advantages of locating their business here. Physical location is one such advantage. Kingman is located in northern Arizona and is a central location for the major cities of Las Vegas, Phoenix, and other major southern California markets. More than 34 million potential customers are within a 350-mile radius of Kingman, giving Kingman businesses a significant edge in consumer traffic opportunities. 

Kingman’s Location is Synonymous with Business Advantage!

Kingman businesses benefit from the world-class infrastructure available here. Quality highway, air, and railway transportation options are available to all local businesses, with a lower cost of doing business. Kingman businesses enjoy working with our skilled and educated workforce to create products and services for our regional, national, and global economies. Click here to learn more about the advantages that your business can benefit from by locating here in Kingman!