Locate Your Business in Kingman’s Airport & Industrial Park!

26 Jan 2023


If you are looking for an ideal location for your business, look no further than The Kingman Airport & Industrial Park! There are many reasons that businesses find locating here advantageous, including our ample amenities & utilities, variety of available properties, cost of doing business, opportunity zone, tax incentives, and more. Businesses within the industries of manufacturing, transportation, distribution, or logistics, have found plenty of success locating in our airport and industrial park region!

Doing Business at The Kingman Airport & Industrial Park

Kingman’s industrial park is the #1 industrial park in northern Arizona, the largest industrial park in the region! The Kingman Airport makes national and international travel easily accessible, with an onsite airport that flies to the Western U.S. and Mexico. Highway and railway transportation is also plentiful and available at the park. Click here to learn more about The Kingman Airport & Industrial Park and how it can help your business succeed today!