Critical Advantages for Target Industries in Kingman

2 Feb 2023


Kingman, AZ, is an ideal location for any business, but it has critical advantages for businesses in specific industries. Businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industries thrive here thanks to our centralized location and close proximity to other key markets. Kingman is only a few hours from Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Southern California by the highways. The Kingman Airport and railways are also available for businesses located here.

These Industries Benefit From Locating in Kingman

Kingman is home to many successful businesses in several target industries. Retail and Tourism are two industries with the most businesses operating in Kingman right now. Followed closely behind by the manufacturing, distribution, aviation, and healthcare industries. Kingman is located in an area with 34 million people within a day’s drive and over 40,000 vehicles passing by the city daily! Click here to learn more about the critical advantages that Kingman has to offer your business!