The I-40/US 93 West Kingman Interchange Project

28 Mar 2023


Being the number one tourist location on Route 66 and northern Arizona’s largest industrial park, the I-40/US 93 West Kingman Interchange Project (Interchange Project) is a necessary factor to ease travel for tourists, commercial trucks, and residents. “Currently, when drivers want to access I-40 or US 93 in Kingman, they must first stop at Beale Street. This existing access point at Beale Street results in congestion, long traffic backups, and at times, extensive travel delays … The traffic volume is more than the current Beale Street interchange is designed to accommodate and it will only get worse.” - Rashidul Haque, Project Manager, ADOT. The Interchange Project will create a free-flowing connection without having to use Beale Street as an access road.     

Why Now?

As with most construction, the Interchange Project is not an overnight idea, process, or solution. A project of this magnitude, complexity, and importance must take time. 

One of the duties of Arizona’s Dept of Transportation (ADOT) is to monitor traffic growth and congestion to have a clear understanding of when it happens, why it happens, and where it happens. To ensure adjustments are created based on accurate data, this also takes time. Therefore, the current timeline for the Interchange Project is as follows: 

  • 2007 - Study Phase by ADOT, along with the Bureau of Land Management, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Federal Highway Administration
  • 2009 - Scoping
  • 2015 - Scoping completed in June & a Design Concept Report was created
  • 2019 - Design Implementation began in the Winter
  • 2023 - Solicit Qualified Contractor in the Fall 

As of now, ADOT is still in the Design phase and will solicit a qualified contractor by Spring 2024, if not before. Construction is slated to begin in Spring 2024 and through Fall 2026. The 2023 and 2024 dates are subject to change due to numerous weather conditions and other construction factors. 

Interchange Project FAQs

What exactly is the Interchange Project?

The Interchange Project is a freeway extension of US 93 that will connect directly to I-40 in a way that allows the Beale Street on and off ramps to remain. This extension will also create expansions of four lanes that will ultimately reduce to three and then merge into the existing two lanes on both freeways. 

Will the I-40 and US 93 remain open during construction?


Will the Beale Street off-ramps remain open during construction?

At the west end of US 93 heading south to I-40, from Vegas to Phoenix, there will be a two-lane ramp exiting onto Beale Street in each direction to maintain traffic.

Will there be improvements along Beale Street between US 93 and I-40?


Where can I find more information about the Interchange Project?

ADOT has a detailed webpage called I-40/US 93 West King Traffic Interchange. Here, you will learn the history, view the timeline, watch a simulation video, and review presentation slides while listening to the most recent January 25, 2023, Public Meeting.


For more information, you can email [email protected] or call 928-565-1415.