Economic Development and Kingman

30 Jun 2023


The question is often asked, “What is economic development?” The quick answer is economic development is the process of improving the wealth and well-being of a local community based on specific goals and objectives conducive to said community. For a more detailed, yet fun overview of economic development, watch this Lego video by Economic Development Winnipeg. 

How Economic Development Works

Kingman Economic Development (ED) is tasked with growing the local economy, which requires strategic thinking. Holistic economic development plays a large part. That means looking at all of the factors influencing economic growth. For example, an economic development organization wants to bring jobs to the community, but for that to happen, sites need to be developed so new businesses have a place to locate. That often involves purchasing property or working with landowners, securing funds for infrastructure improvements, and eventually marketing the site. Preparing information and negotiating with site consultants and executives is also common. 

Once a business decides to come here, Kingman ED will help secure any available incentives, workforce recruitment, and training. 

Housing needs to be available for people to move to a community to work for new or existing businesses. Developing it is another focus of Kingman ED, as are other quality-of-life initiatives that attract new families to the community.

Kingman ED can bring innovation and programs to the city with access to a board of experienced business owners and a network of people who can help to solve almost any problem presented to a business owner. 

That being said, the overall role of Kingman ED is to ensure and secure a prosperous future by improving the city and enhancing the quality of life through four major areas:

  • Jobs
  • Real Estate (Commercial and Residential)
  • Infrastructure
  • Community Efforts

Promoting the Community

Kingman ED markets the city to attract investors and new residents while promoting local assets and advantages of building, living, and working in Kingman. Whether Kingman ED is bringing dollars in or recycling the ones here, stabilizing funds is crucial to sustainability and prosperity. To achieve these goals, Kingman ED relies on four important factors:

  • Human resources - workforce
  • Physical capital - increased labor productivity with modern, well-maintained factories and equipment
  • Natural resources - promoting and using more organic materials
  • Technology - ways to increase production using more technology, decreasing manual labor.

Yes, Kingman ED is always at work to build a greater city. We want Kingman to continue thriving and the identity and culture to remain strong. 

Meet the Team

Kingman ED has an expert team ready to help residents, future residents, business owners, and future business owners in the City of Kingman and the surrounding area. Meet the stars of Kingman ED:

  • Bennet Bratley, Executive Director - Bratley leads the team in persuading or influencing new businesses to move to Kingman and encouraging existing businesses to expand
  • Josh Noble, Tourism Services Manager - Noble promotes Kingman by working directly with local, national, and international travel and tourism services, helping attract visitors, and managing promotional messaging
  • Sylvia Shaffer, Project Manager - Shaffer specializes in encouraging retail and commercial businesses to relocate or expand to Kingman
  • Terri Curtis, Project Manager - Curtis specializes in encouraging new businesses to relocate or expand to Kingman’s Industrial Park and airport
  • Lisa Lewis, Administrative Coordinator - Lewis coordinates general operations and is the initial point of contact for employees and clients to ensure schedules are adhered to and deadlines are met. She is the nucleus of the department. 
  • Desarae Paulsson, Visitor Center Coordinator - Paulsson promotes visitation to the Powerhouse Visitor Center and oversees inventory for the center
  • Katie Barthlow, Administrative Assistant - Barthlow manages digital outreach and events calendar and ensures staff communication is efficient
  • Joyce Wiley, Administrative Assistant - Wiley manages accounts payable and business services and oversees graphic design work for tourism and departmental events

This list is a synopsis of the tireless work the Kingman ED team provides to ensure Kingman is the city of cities. In the following months, we will feature each section of economic development for a more in-depth look at how tourism, retail, and commercial businesses affect Kingman’s economic growth while benefiting the residents and the community. 

In the meantime, please reach out to Kingman ED and inquire about their services. They are available to answer any questions you may have.