Lisa Lewis: The Glue of Kingman ED

Lisa Lewis: The Glue of Kingman ED Main Photo

19 Sep 2023


Kingman Economic Development’s (ED) mission is to improve the City of Kingman’s economy and enhance the quality of life for Kingman residents. In doing so, Kingman ED is the primary point of contact for business decision-makers and site selectors looking to start, relocate, or expand their business in Kingman, Arizona. Kingman ED works closely with businesses throughout all phases of the development process.

When contacting Kingman ED, the initial point of contact is Administrative Coordinator, Lisa Lewis. Lewis moved to Kingman in 2019 with a goal of working for local government to help make the city a better place for its residents, businesses, and visitors.

More Than an Office Manager

To be an office manager, one must possess intense organizational skills, great coordination, keen record-keeping, and positive communication between team members and other departments. These skills and talents are needed to keep fellow staff on task and the office running smoothly. Lewis is one of the few who are able to make sense of and stay on top of all the rapidly moving parts, giving her the additional duty of office manager.

As an Administrative Coordinator II, Lewis’ main duty is project management, keeping projects of all types accurately and efficiently moving forward. She works directly with Kingman ED’s director, Bennett Bratley, so her input is highly warranted and valued. Efficiency is the name of the game, and though the titles may vary, Lewis is the glue of Kingman ED.

Being the glue of the department, Lewis successfully bonds different pieces and various projects from multiple staff to function as one with little to no hiccups. This task is no easy feat as Lewis links parts and players toward the common goal of making the City of Kingman a thriving location for residents and visitors alike. When asked, “How is your job successfully done?” She said, “I know that I can get a project or work done successfully when I get accurate communication and direction from the very beginning with a deadline. I’ve done well if I get the project done before the deadline with all parties involved happy with the work I’ve done.” Lewis is dedicated to accuracy and punctuality.

Small details matter and Lewis does not ignore them. One of the critical parts of Lewis’ position is to anticipate hiccups and bumps in the road to ensure they do not happen. Whether she’s:

  • Managing schedules
  • Implementing cost reductions
  • Creating/revising reports
  • Serving as liaison between departments
  • Guiding employees
  • Studying city regulations and construction specs
  • Creating/revising systems and procedures
  • Answering calls
  • Replying to general inquiry emails
  • Maintaining rapport with business owners, direct and indirect contacts
  • Resolving issues and identifying communication solutions

Or simply eating her lunch at her desk, Lewis maintains staying on top of all Kingman ED’s happenings and welcomes all resident feedback and questions, as well as other inquiries.

Contact Kingman ED

The City of Kingman is full of opportunities for commercial, industrial, residential, and tourism development with a dynamic economy, strong workforce, and unmatched living and working environment that has a reach of 34M people within a one-day drive service market. Starting, expanding, or relocating your business in Kingman is good business. Contact Kingman ED at 928-565-1415. Your first conversation with Lisa Lewis is the gateway to giving your business a Kingman, Arizona address.