Happy Holidays! Remember to Shop Local Always

28 Nov 2023


Kingman Economic Development’s ultimate goal is to improve and stabilize the economy of Kingman and surrounding areas. Improving and stabilizing the economy directly enhances the quality of life for Kingman residents. As we end 2023, we want to remind you to shop local first and always during this holiday shopping season.

What Does ‘Shop Local’ Mean?

In 2010, American Express created Shop Small as a catchphrase to assist in marketing its Small Business Saturday campaign, “a nationwide movement to celebrate small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.” Over time, Shop Local became a hashtag related to Small Business Saturday and all shopping days.

When you shop locally or “shop local,” you:

  • Support the local economy and entrepreneurship
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Encourage innovation
  • Help neighbors fulfill their dreams
  • Strengthen community bonds

Shop local is more than a phrase or a movement. It is an action that displays care when buying unique items for your loved ones. It’s an action that helps preserve a location’s identity and heritage. Shop local first and always.

Kingman Celebrates Together

Residents, we invite you to show off the City of Kingman to your guests and let them know why Kingman is your home. There are many opportunities to shop local while celebrating this holiday season with family, friends, and neighbors:

Click each event for detailed information. For more events that aren’t listed here, please visit Explore Kingman’s Events page to be sure you don’t miss out.

Choose Kingman

Business plans are live documents that should be updated annually as your business grows and/or changes. It’s a roadmap to the success of the business. December is National Write a Business Plan Month. We encourage you to review your roadmap, update it, and choose Kingman for your new location. Contact Kingman Economic Development for more information about why you should choose Kingman.