Joyce Wiley: The Golden Brain of Tourism

8 Jan 2024


Tourism Assistant Joyce Wiley is the perfect example of having a golden brain if a golden brain was a scientific phenomenon. It’s been said that left-brain thinkers are mathematical and right-brain thinkers are creative. Well, golden-brain thinkers are said to use both sides of their brains equally. As an accounts payable expert and graphic arts designer, Wiley daily exemplifies being a golden-brain thinker.


Gears of Wiley’s Golden Brain

Tourism is big business for Kingman, so much so that Kingman Economic Development (ED) created the Office of Tourism run by Tourism Manager Josh Noble. Since Noble can’t do it all alone, he has two Tourism Assistants, Joyce Wiley, and Katie Barthlow, offering equal amounts of dedication, care, and support to Noble, Kingman ED, and the city.

Kingman is a vibrant, cultural, and artistic community that personally and professionally fills and fuels Wiley’s right side of her golden brain. With a love of photography and art and over 15 years of experience, graphic design became an effortless expression of her creativity, talent, and skills. As one of two tourism assistants, Wiley produces graphic design projects and photography for events. She also assists Kingman businesses with their Google Business Profiles, another creative outlet. Wiley says, “I enjoy the importance of making an aesthetic impact with my design work.” When not working, she’s photographing, hiking, and enjoying nature.

As an accounts payable expert, Wiley processes payments for services rendered and goods received by Kingman ED and its Office of Tourism. Part of accounts payable knowledge is an understanding of the language of finance. Wiley activates the left side of her brain to strategically handle such a complex duty.

Each invoice/bill received is a case to be solved. When Wiley receives an invoice/bill, she has to do some detective work to verify the invoice is valid and okay to pay. Before Wiley can process payment for goods received, she has to know the goods have been received, are in working condition, and ensure the correct taxes and shipping or freight fees are being applied, if at all. Before she can process payment for services rendered, she has to verify services rendered without interruption. An invoice or bill alone isn’t enough. After working eight-plus years in administration and sales prior to moving to Kingman, Wiley uses her customer service skills to connect with vendors when there is an issue.

Without Wiley’s due diligence and detective work, erroneous payments would cause a domino effect of financial issues for the Office of Tourism, Kingman ED, and the City of Kingman. Though it may be easy to pay a vendor and request a refund, it’s not as easy to receive refunds from overpayments or incorrect payments.

Choose Kingman

Joyce Wiley took a chance in 2019 and chose Kingman. Choosing to work with the Office of Tourism was due to her love of interacting with people and learning the interesting history of Kingman and Route 66. As she continues to choose Kingman, Kingman continues to choose her graphic design skills to assist with the aesthetics, creating unique and happy experiences for travelers and the community when they drive through Kingman.

Choose Kingman for your business. With a strong workforce and a reach of 34M consumers within a one-day drive, success is chosen here. Contact Kingman ED for more information on how your business can succeed when you choose Kingman.