Kingman’s Resurgence: From Historic Roots to A Promising Future

8 Dec 2023


A transformative vision of Kingman, Arizona, where the desert blooms with opportunity and aspiration.

Kingman, the county seat of Mohave County, Arizona, is strategically located 105 miles southeast of Las Vegas and 180 miles northwest of Phoenix, making it an ideal business location. The city proudly carries the motto “The Heart of Historic Route 66,” a nod to its significant past. Founded in 1882, Kingman’s origins are deeply rooted in the railroad industry. Named after Lewis Kingman, an Atlantic and Pacific Railroad engineer, the city has always been a hub of activity. Its history is further enriched by tales of Lt. Edward Fitzgerald Beale, who surveyed a federal wagon road across the region, and the remnants of this road can still be witnessed in parts of Kingman.

Today, Kingman is more than just a historic city. With a population of 32,689 as of the 2020 census, it’s a growing community with a diverse economy. The Kingman Regional Medical Center, Mohave County, and the Kingman Unified School District are among the top employers, providing a stable economic foundation. The city’s infrastructure is robust, with the Kingman Airport, Amtrak station, and major highways like Interstate 40 and U.S. Route 93 ensuring seamless connectivity.

Mayor Ken Watkins emphasizes, “We are a beautiful part of Arizona. We’re in the high desert, so while it gets warm in the summer, the climate is more temperate than some might expect. Our strategic location between two major highways, Interstate 40 and US Highway 93, brings in significant traffic. Most notably, east-west traffic on Interstate 40. With many companies moving out of California due to its business climate, our proximity to the California border, just about 50 miles away on Interstate 40, positions Kingman as an ideal place for businesses to consider.”

Business-Friendly Kingman: A Magnet for Growth

Kingman’s strategic location and its business-friendly environment make it a prime destination for companies looking to establish or expand. With a low cost of doing business, no property tax within city limits, and a streamlined permitting process, Kingman offers tangible benefits to companies considering a move.

Bennett Bratley, Economic Director, elaborates on the city’s approach: “We market our low cost of doing business extensively. The absence of a property tax in Kingman offers significant savings for potential businesses. Our permitting process is designed to be efficient. We conduct pre-application meetings with industries or businesses considering Kingman, addressing any potential issues upfront. This approach ensures a quicker speed to market, a crucial factor for companies deciding on a location.”

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