Leading Forklift Manufacturer Announces Expansion to Arizona

15 Feb 2024

Press Release, News

The City of Kingman Economic Development Department would like to announce that Crown Equipment, a leader in forklift manufacturing in the country, is expanding to Arizona.

Economic Development Director Bennett Bratley said, “It was our pleasure working with them and Big Industrial through their initial phases of the site selection process. We are excited Crown Equipment Corporation has chosen the Kingman Industrial Park for its expansion. Their presence here will continue to advance Kingman’s flourishing manufacturing and distribution industries.” 

To help attract companies like Crown to the building at 4200 N. Industrial Boulevard, the City of Kingman economic development team, worked closely with Big Industrial owners to purchase 16 acres of City-owned land adjacent to the facility. The 16-acre land sale to Big Industrial provided them with additional acreage for future expansion and better positioned the 640,000 sq. ft. facility for marketing to companies that required more significant acreage sites.

Bratley said, “Economic development is a process where plans may take many years to develop. However, when the plan your team laid out a few years back comes together and contributes to the decision-making process for one of the world's largest material-handling companies, selecting Kingman, it makes it all worthwhile.”

See the press release from Crown Equipment here.