Meet the Benevolent Katie Barthlow

5 Feb 2024

Her title may be an administrative assistant, but Katie Barthlow wears many hats in Kingman Economic Development’s (ED) Office of Tourism, managed by Josh Noble.

Born and raised in the City of Kingman, her love for her roots is massive and extends to the residents. When asked about her inspiration to work in economic development/tourism, she said, “Truthfully, I love being downtown. After working as the ArtHub Director with the Kingman Center for the Arts, I really wanted to keep working downtown.” When asked about her goals for the City of Kingman in her position, she said, “One of my main goals is to change the image of Kingman into a kind and welcoming place to stay.” When asked if the community can do anything to support her goals, she said, “I’d love to see the residents spread more love and positivity.” Barthlow is indeed Kingman-focused and Kingman-proud.

The Primary Parts of Barthlow’s Position

So, what does a Tourism Administrative Assistant do for the Office of Tourism and Kingman ED? Since June of 2021, when Barthlow started in her administrative assistant role, her day-to-day duties include:

  • Specializing in digital outreach
  • Social media management
  • Event coordination

The list may be light, yet the details are heavy.

If you are wondering who updates the Office of Tourism’s online calendar, wonder no more. It’s part of Barthlow’s digital outreach. This online calendar is a gift to event planners wishing to inform the community with little effort. While Barthlow prides herself on customer service, the information shared is based on the information given. Event planners, marketing coordinators, and the like should always reach out to Barthlow with updates and changes.

As the social media manager, Barthlow showcases what Kingman has to offer visitors, like things to do, where to shop, and where to eat, to name a few. This duty allows Barthlow to transform Kingman's reputation into a kind and welcoming place to visit and stay.

Being the event coordinator, Barthlow splits her time as co-chair for the Kingman Route 66 Fest. She prioritizes putting on a hugely exciting and unique event that Kingman has never seen by trying to outdo previous years with each coming year.

Yes, Katie Barthlow is dedicated to making Kingman greater than it is by understanding the importance of tourism’s economic impact; the sales and hotel bed taxes are huge sources of funding for the community. She understands how tourism’s economic impact can be intense on the local economy. She is determined to do her part as she said, “I truly care very deeply about the work I do. I put my heart into it, and I think it shows.”

Choose Kingman 

Arizona is one of the most favorable states for business in the Southwest.  Businesses in the tourism industry benefit from Kingman’s 130K plus visitors annually and a 5.1% lower cost of living than the national average. If you’re considering locating, relocating, expanding your business, or looking for a change of scenery, contact Kingman ED and let the glue of the office, Lisa Lewis, know you are choosing Kingman.